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My Mom has found some excellent reading material for children (and their parents) to celebrate the upcoming Easter holiday. She’s written helpful reviews of 3 great books written with children in mind. I’m happy to re-post this review on my blog.


Dear friends, are you looking for some good books to read with children during the Easter season? If so, I recommend the these three books.

Long, Long Ago in Jerusalem:
The Life and Resurrection of Jesus

This biblical story told by Carine MacKenzie begins Long, Long Ago in Jerusalemwith the crowds welcoming Jesus into Jerusalem the week before his crucifixion. There is a separate page of text and illustration for each event. The story concludes with the ascension of Jesus and the promise that, just as Jesus was taken up to heaven, he would return some day.


The book is suitable for use by someone retelling the story in their own words and using the book for illustrations. The text in the book is referenced to the biblical passages, which are reprinted in this 48 page book. The story is told simply without added detail and the illustrations are very well done. It is recommended for 5 – 6 years olds as “read to me” and for 7 and older for “read myself.” Published by Christian Focus Publications; http://www.christianfocus.com

He is Alive

Beautifully illustrated with large, colorful pictures, 51NTjqtShxL[1]this retelling of the Easter story begins with Jesus’ raising Lazarus from the dead. It does this to introduce those who would plot to kill Jesus. The next scene is of the joyous crowds praising Jesus and waving palm branches. Each scene has it’s own page, illustration, and title.


There is more descriptive text in this book than in Long, Long Ago, but it is a faithful retelling, though without scripture references. Recommended for ages 4 and older. Written by Helen Haidle, Zonderkidz, 40 pages.


Journey to the Cross:
The Complete Easter Story for Young Readers

This book features all the events of the last week of Jesus’ life Journey-to-the-Cross-The-Complete-Easter-Story-for-Young-Readers[1]and resurrection in chronological order. It is broken down into short chapters of about two pages each, concluding with Pentecost. Each chapter contains one or more illustrations plus helpful definitions and explanations of key theme and historical information referenced in the chapter, questions for discussion, a Scripture memory verse, and personal application. There is also a dictionary at the end of the book. Scripture is referenced throughout the book.


This is an excellent book for helping younger elementary children understand Easter, would be suitable for second graders to read on their own, and is worth the read for adults. While all three books are written for children, Journey to the Cross is interesting for anyone! Written by Helen Haidle, Zonderkidz, 256 pages.


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